Beach to Belly.

Seafood on the Cape is a way of life. And, unless you strapped yourself to a raft and set sail, I doubt you’d be able to get it any fresher. So, whether you’re sailing or swimming at Mayo Beach, remember you’re only seeing half of the natural wonder of Wellfleet Harbor. As the tide goes out, vast stretches of seabed are revealed, and there lie the world-class, internationally renowned mollusks. So Winslow’s decided to hit the beach and investigate Wellfleet’s greatest natural resource; the oyster.

No, the WELLFLEET Oyster.

Often eaten raw, the oyster consumption process is deceivingly basic. It involves cocktail¬†sauce, that little fork, a funky plate, maybe some lemon juice, and some deep breathing. Done. But what about before the belly? Before the plate, even. As we get ready for Oyster Happy Hour 2011 to begin, Winslow’s thought you might want to know a little bit more about how that slimy grey mess got to your Fleetian belly.

Knee-deep in clam beds by the time we arrived, Bobby Wallace – Winslow’s provider of clams and oysters (Billingsgate Shellfish) – was extremely focused on the task at hand. Stopping for only a few brief seconds as the tide approached, Bobby explained just why Wellfleet seafood is better than most.

The tide here is vast. So, it brings in more food. That’s why our oysters taste differently. Other places don’t have such a great tide. Our seafood enjoys a varied diet, really.

Simple, right? Well, watching Bobby and his crew scrambling to finish the work before the tide caught up with them seemed anything but. These guys were working up such a sweat, and the sun had barely risen. Just looking at them exhausted me. And, considering how quickly oysters are consumed, understanding the labor that goes into harvesting them almost makes you want to savour them a little bit longer. (Just leave at least 100,000 for Oysterfest in October).

Winslow’s hopes you take advantage of your home-grown seafood, and come out for our Oyster Happy Hour kick-off! Starting this Friday you can enjoy Bobby’s Wellfleet oysters everyday from 3-5PM at Winslow’s¬†at half price. If you can’t make it, come for dinner and try our Wellfleet-clam infused risotto entree! We can officially say we know where our seafood has been. (Right here).

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Following Oyster Happy Hour, stay a while and check out our Live Entertainment up at the bar. Benny Sharoni and his Jazz Quartet of top New-England artists will be starting their weekly set this Friday at 8.30PM. Enjoy some fresh beats and seafood for the first official weekend of summer! Check out our Events Page for more information.

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